Call for Application 5th National SORT- IT (Structured Operational Research and Training Initiative) Course 2020 in Islamabad

Research wing, Common unit (HTM)  initiated the implementation of International SORT IT (Structured Operational Research and Training Initiative) in Pakistan already implemented in 35 countries across the globe and after a series of efforts now the course is implemented in the country as National course through technical support of TDR in Pakistan in South East Asia Region and is in fifth year of successful implementation . The country course is financed by  The Global Fund and with technical support from WHO,TDR  and The UNION  to develop research capacity for operational research as sustainable solution to improve program performance since 2016.

This is a call for applications for the 5th Pakistan SORT IT  Operational Research Course to be held in Islamabad, Pakistan in 2020. This course is designated for participants with projects in different health programmes from Pakistan in addition to those in TB ,HIV and Malaria . This is a very practical and output oriented course which will be open to candidates working in national health programmes, collaborating partners, and NGOs. A total of 10 candidates will be selected through a highly competitive process and evaluations from The Union.& WHO TDR.

The international participants are welcome to apply if selected they will be given local hospitality but the travel should be born by the nominating Institute. 

The link to access the same files can be found on and the same files are attached below 

1. A Course Brief – which gives an overview of the course and its purpose
2. The Application Form with complete required documents including statements from Mentor and Supervisor

(Closing date for applications is  1st April, 2020)

Complete applications should be sent by post or email  to 

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