Directory of TB Centers

Sno Province District Center Name HCF_Type Facility Level Lab_Facility
1 AJK Bagh DHQ Hospital Bagh Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
2 AJK Bagh RHC Arja Public RHC AFB-microscopy
3 AJK Bagh RHC Banni Passari Public RHC AFB-microscopy
4 AJK Bagh RHC Dheer Kot Public RHC AFB-microscopy
5 AJK Bagh Chest Diseases Hospital Hill Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
6 AJK Bagh BHU Rehra Public BHU AFB-microscopy
7 AJK Bagh TBC Sassar Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
8 AJK Bagh TBC Mallot Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
9 AJK Bhimber DHQ Bhimber Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
10 AJK Bhimber THQ Samahni Public THQ AFB-microscopy
11 AJK Bhimber RHC Barnala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
12 AJK Bhimber BHU Kot Jemal Public BHU AFB-microscopy
13 AJK Bhimber BHU Poona Public BHU AFB-microscopy
14 AJK Bhimber BHU Sokasan Public BHU AFB-microscopy
15 AJK Hattian Baala DHQ Hattian Bala  Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
16 AJK Hattian Baala RHC Chikaar Public RHC AFB-microscopy
17 AJK Hattian Baala TBC Chinari Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
18 AJK Hattian Baala RHC Leepa Public RHC AFB-microscopy
19 AJK Hattian Baala RHC Lammian Public RHC AFB-microscopy
20 AJK Haveli Kahuta  DHQ Haveli Kahuta  Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
21 AJK Haveli Kahuta  RHC Keller/Khursheedabad  Public RHC AFB-microscopy
22 AJK Haveli Kahuta  RHC Gugdar Public RHC AFB-microscopy
23 AJK Haveli Kahuta  BHU Bhaidi Public BHU AFB-microscopy
24 AJK Kotli DHQ Hosp TBC Kotli Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
25 AJK Kotli THQ Nakyal Public THQ AFB-microscopy
26 AJK Kotli THQ Sahnsa Public THQ AFB-microscopy
27 AJK Kotli RHC Tatta Pani Public RHC AFB-microscopy
28 AJK Kotli RHC Khuiratta Public RHC AFB-microscopy
29 AJK Kotli RHC Sarsawa Public RHC AFB-microscopy
30 AJK Kotli THQ Charhoi Public THQ AFB-microscopy
31 AJK Kotli RHC Narr Public RHC AFB-microscopy
32 AJK Mirpur DHQ TBC Mirpur Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
33 AJK Mirpur THQ TBC Dudhyal Public THQ AFB-microscopy
34 AJK Mirpur RHC Islam Garh Public RHC AFB-microscopy
35 AJK Mirpur BHU Jatlan Public BHU AFB-microscopy
36 AJK Mirpur RHC Chak Sawari Public RHC AFB-microscopy
37 AJK Muzaffarabad AIMS Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
38 AJK Muzaffarabad RHC Garhi Dopatta Public RHC AFB-microscopy
39 AJK Muzaffarabad RHC Dhanni Public RHC AFB-microscopy
40 AJK Muzaffarabad TBC Pattika Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
41 AJK Muzaffarabad TBC Kahori Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
42 AJK Muzaffarabad TBC Plate Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
43 AJK Muzaffarabad Chatter Kalas Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
44 AJK Muzaffarabad TBC Danna Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
45 AJK Neelam  TBC Athmuqam Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
46 AJK Neelam THQ Kel Public THQ AFB-microscopy
47 AJK Neelam RHC Sharda Public RHC AFB-microscopy
48 AJK Neelam BHU Kundal Shahi Public BHU AFB-microscopy
49 AJK Poonch CMH RAWLAKOT Xpert+Microscopy
50 AJK Poonch TBC DHO Office Rawlakot Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
51 AJK Poonch TBC THQ Abbaspur Public THQ AFB-microscopy
52 AJK Poonch THQ Hospital Hajira Public THQ AFB-microscopy
53 AJK Poonch RHC Ali Sojal Public RHC AFB-microscopy
54 AJK Poonch RHC Panyolla Public RHC AFB-microscopy
55 AJK Sudhnoti DHQ TBC Sudhnoti Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
56 AJK Sudhnoti MDS Tarar Khal Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
57 AJK Sudhnoti RHC Mong Public RHC AFB-microscopy
58 AJK Sudhnoti RHC Baloch Public RHC AFB-microscopy
59 Balochistan Awaran DHQ Awaran Public DHQ AFB-microscopy
60 Balochistan Awaran RHC Jawo Public RHC AFB-microscopy
61 Balochistan Barkhan DHQ Barkhan Public DHQ AFB-microscopy
62 Balochistan Barkhan BHU  Rakni Public BHU AFB-microscopy
63 Balochistan Bolan DHQ Dhadar Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
64 Balochistan Bolan Civil Hospital Mach Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
65 Balochistan Bolan Civil Hospital Bhag Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
66 Balochistan Bolan RHC Kattan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
67 Balochistan Bolan BHU Haji Sher Public BHU AFB-microscopy
68 Balochistan Bolan RHC Chalgari Public RHC AFB-microscopy
69 Balochistan Chaghi DHQ Dalbandin Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
70 Balochistan Chaghi RHC Chagai Public RHC AFB-microscopy
71 Balochistan Chaghi BHU Padag Public BHU AFB-microscopy
72 Balochistan Dera Bugti DHQ Dera Bugti Public DHQ AFB-microscopy
73 Balochistan Dera Bugti BHU Peer Koh Public BHU AFB-microscopy
74 Balochistan Gawadar DHQ Hospital Gawadar Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
75 Balochistan Gawadar RHC Pasni Public RHC AFB-microscopy
76 Balochistan Gawadar RHC Juwani Public RHC AFB-microscopy
77 Balochistan Gawadar RHC Ormara Public RHC AFB-microscopy
78 Balochistan Harnai DHQ Harnai Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
79 Balochistan Harnai RHC Shahrag Public RHC AFB-microscopy
80 Balochistan Jaffarabad DHQ Dera Allah Yar Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
81 Balochistan Jaffarabad RHC Rojhan Jamali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
82 Balochistan Jaffarabad RHC Gandakhah Public RHC AFB-microscopy
83 Balochistan Jaffarabad Civil Hospital Usta Muhammad Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
84 Balochistan Jaffarabad BHU Sohbat Pur Public BHU AFB-microscopy
85 Balochistan Jaffarabad BHU Manjhee Pur Public BHU AFB-microscopy
86 Balochistan Jhal Magsi Civil Hospital Jhal Magsi Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
87 Balochistan Jhal Magsi DHQ Gandawah Public DHQ AFB-microscopy
88 Balochistan Kalat DHQ Hosp Kalat Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
89 Balochistan Kalat THQ Hospital Surab Public THQ AFB-microscopy
90 Balochistan Kalat BHU Lakoria Public BHU AFB-microscopy
91 Balochistan Keich DHQ Kech Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
92 Balochistan Keich RHC Nasirabad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
93 Balochistan Keich RHC Tump Public RHC AFB-microscopy
94 Balochistan Kharan DHQ HOSP KHARAN Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
95 Balochistan Kharan BHU Hurro Public BHU AFB-microscopy
96 Balochistan Kharan BHU Sarawan Public BHU AFB-microscopy
97 Balochistan Khuzdar DHQ Hosp Khuzdar Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
98 Balochistan Khuzdar RHC Wadh Public RHC AFB-microscopy
99 Balochistan Khuzdar RHC Zehri Public RHC AFB-microscopy
100 Balochistan Khuzdar RHC Nal Public RHC AFB-microscopy
101 Balochistan Khuzdar BHU Saruna Public BHU AFB-microscopy
102 Balochistan Killa Abdullah DHQ Hosp. Chaman Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
103 Balochistan Killa Abdullah BHU Habibzai Public BHU AFB-microscopy
169 Balochistan Killa Abdullah Al Shifa Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
170 Balochistan Killa Abdullah BHU Kulazai Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
104 Balochistan Killa saifullah DHQ Hosp Killa Saifullah Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
105 Balochistan Killa saifullah Civil Hospital Muslim Bagh Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
106 Balochistan Killa saifullah RHC Gowal Ismail Public RHC AFB-microscopy
107 Balochistan Kohlu DHQ Kohlu Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
108 Balochistan Kohlu  BHU Tambo Public BHU AFB-microscopy
109 Balochistan Lasbella J G Q Hosp. Hub Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
110 Balochistan Lasbella DHQ UTHAL Public DHQ AFB-microscopy
111 Balochistan Lasbella RHC Bela Public RHC AFB-microscopy
112 Balochistan Lasbella RHC Winder Public RHC AFB-microscopy
113 Balochistan Lasbella Social Security Hosp HUB Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
114 Balochistan Loralai TB Clinic Loralai Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
115 Balochistan Loralai THQ Duky Public THQ AFB-microscopy
116 Balochistan Loralai BHU Mukhtar Public BHU AFB-microscopy
117 Balochistan Loralai BHU Katwai Public BHU AFB-microscopy
118 Balochistan Loralai BHU Zarkaraiz Public BHU AFB-microscopy
119 Balochistan Mastung DHQ Hosp Mastang Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
120 Balochistan Mastung MCH Dasgat Matoora Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
121 Balochistan Mastung RHC Kank Public RHC AFB-microscopy
122 Balochistan Mastung BHU Ashkhan Rodani Public BHU AFB-microscopy
123 Balochistan Mastung BHU Dasht-e-Kumbela Public BHU AFB-microscopy
171 Balochistan Mastung Ghous Bux Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
124 Balochistan Musa Khail DHQ Musa Khail Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
125 Balochistan Musa Khail BHU Kingri Public BHU AFB-microscopy
126 Balochistan Musa Khail BHU Rarha Sham Public BHU AFB-microscopy
127 Balochistan Naseerabad DHQ Dera Murad Jamali Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
128 Balochistan Naseerabad BHU Goth Abdul Hameed Public BHU AFB-microscopy
129 Balochistan Naseerabad BHU Goth Allah Dad Public BHU AFB-microscopy
130 Balochistan Nushki DHQ Nushki Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
131 Balochistan Panjgur DHQ Hosp Panjgoor Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
132 Balochistan Panjgur BHU Washbood Public BHU AFB-microscopy
133 Balochistan Panjgur BHU Tasp Public BHU AFB-microscopy
134 Balochistan Pishin DHQ Hospital Pishin Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
135 Balochistan Pishin E.D.O Office Pishin Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
136 Balochistan Pishin RHC Khanozai Public RHC AFB-microscopy
137 Balochistan Pishin RHC Barshore Public RHC AFB-microscopy
138 Balochistan Pishin RHC Karbala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
139 Balochistan Pishin RHC Alizai Public RHC AFB-microscopy
140 Balochistan Pishin BHU Saranan Public BHU AFB-microscopy
141 Balochistan Quetta F J Hosp Quetta Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
142 Balochistan Quetta TB Clinic Queeta Public Xpert+Microscopy
143 Balochistan Quetta Bolan Medical Complex Public Xpert+Microscopy
144 Balochistan Quetta Benazir Bhutto Hospital Public Xpert+Microscopy
145 Balochistan Quetta Sandemen Provincial Hospital Public Xpert+Microscopy
146 Balochistan Quetta Sheikh Zahid Bin Kahlifa Hospital Public Xpert+Microscopy
147 Balochistan Quetta CMH Public AFB-microscopy
148 Balochistan Quetta RHC Kuchlak Public RHC AFB-microscopy
149 Balochistan Quetta Pashtoonabad Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
150 Balochistan Quetta RHC Pashtoon Bagh Public RHC AFB-microscopy
151 Balochistan Quetta BHU Nawa Killi (Kabeer) Public BHU AFB-microscopy
152 Balochistan Quetta BMC Hospital Public TCH AFB-microscopy
153 Balochistan Quetta BHU Saragurghi Public BHU AFB-microscopy
154 Balochistan Quetta BHU Hudda  Public BHU AFB-microscopy
155 Balochistan Quetta BHU Nosar Public BHU AFB-microscopy
156 Balochistan Sherani  RHC Mani Khawa  Public RHC AFB-microscopy
157 Balochistan Sibi DHQ Sibi Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
158 Balochistan Sibi BHU Bakhtiaabad Public BHU AFB-microscopy
159 Balochistan Sibi RHC Lehari Public RHC AFB-microscopy
160 Balochistan Sibi BHU Sultan Goth Public BHU AFB-microscopy
161 Balochistan Washuk DHQ Washuk Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
162 Balochistan Washuk RHC Basima Public RHC AFB-microscopy
163 Balochistan Zhob TB Clinic Zhob Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
164 Balochistan Zhob RHC Kamarudin Karaiz Public RHC AFB-microscopy
165 Balochistan Ziarat DHQ Ziarat Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
166 Balochistan Ziarat RHC Sanjawi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
167 Balochistan Ziarat RHC Kawas Public RHC AFB-microscopy
168 Balochistan Ziarat RHC Ahmedoon Public RHC AFB-microscopy
180 FATA Bajaur  Agency AHQ Khar Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
181 FATA Bajaur  Agency RHC Pashat Public RHC AFB-microscopy
182 FATA Bajaur  Agency CH Nawagai Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
188 FATA Bajaur  Agency RHC Barang Public RHC AFB-microscopy
190 FATA FR Bannu/Lakki Marwat  FR Bannu Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
191 FATA FR Bannu/Lakki Marwat  FR Lakki Marwat  Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
194 FATA FR DI Khan/Taank FR DI Khan Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
197 FATA FR DI Khan/Taank FR Taank  Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
192 FATA FR Peshawar/Kohat  FR Peshawar  Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
193 FATA FR Peshawar/Kohat  FR Kohat  Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
172 FATA Khyber  Agency AHQ Landi Kotal Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
173 FATA Khyber  Agency THQ Dogra Packet Bara Public THQ AFB-microscopy
174 FATA Khyber  Agency CH Jamrud Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
178 FATA Kurram Agency AHQ Parachinar Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
179 FATA Kurram Agency CH Sadda Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
183 FATA Mohmand Agency AHQ Ghallanai Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
184 FATA Mohmand Agency RHC Ekka Ghund Public RHC AFB-microscopy
186 FATA Mohmand Agency BHU Michini Public BHU AFB-microscopy
195 FATA North Waziristan Agency ATO Meeran Shah Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
196 FATA North Waziristan Agency THQ Mir Ali  Public THQ AFB-microscopy
175 FATA Orakzai Agency ATO Office Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
176 FATA Orakzai Agency RHC Kurez Public RHC AFB-microscopy
177 FATA Orakzai Agency CH Kalaya Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
189 FATA Orakzai Agency CH Anjani  Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
185 FATA South Waziristan Agency ATO Office Wana Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
187 FATA South Waziristan Agency CH Spin Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
198 GB Astore DHQ Hospital Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
199 GB Diamir DHQ Hospital Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
200 GB Ghanche DHQ Hospital Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
201 GB Ghizar DHQ Hospital Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
202 GB Gilgit DHQ Hospital Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
203 GB Gilgit CMH Gilgit Other public  MH Xpert+Microscopy
204 GB Hunza DHQ Hospital Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
205 GB Kharmung DHQ Hospital Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
206 GB Nagar CH Skandarabad Public CH Xpert+Microscopy
207 GB Shigar DHQ Hospital Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
208 GB Skardu DHQ Hospital Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
209 GB Skardu CMH Skardu Other public  MH Xpert+Microscopy
210 ICT ICT Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
211 ICT ICT FGSH (Poly Clinic) Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
212 ICT ICT CDA Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) Xpert+Microscopy
213 ICT ICT NRL/FGH Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
214 ICT ICT NACP/NRL Public Other Xpert
215 ICT ICT Civil Dispensary Public PHC Xpert
216 ICT ICT RHC Tarlai Public RHC AFB-microscopy
217 ICT ICT RHC Bara kau Public RHC AFB-microscopy
218 ICT ICT Directorate of Health Service (CDA) F-11/4 Islamabad Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
220 ICT ICT RHC Sehala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
221 ICT ICT Shifa Falahi clinic at Shifa Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
222 ICT ICT Nafees Medical Centre Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
223 KP Abbotabad ATH ATD Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
224 KP Abbotabad DTO Abbottabad Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
225 KP Abbotabad CH Nathia Galli Public CH AFB-microscopy
226 KP Abbotabad CH Boi Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
227 KP Abbotabad CH Sherwan Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
228 KP Abbotabad RHC Lora Public RHC AFB-microscopy
229 KP Abbotabad RHC Havelian Public RHC AFB-microscopy
432 KP Abbotabad TBA (PATA) Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
230 KP Bannu DHQ Hospital, Bannu Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
231 KP Bannu Khalifa Gul Nawaz Hospital Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
232 KP Bannu RHC Domel Public RHC AFB-microscopy
233 KP Bannu RHC Kakki Public RHC AFB-microscopy
234 KP Bannu TB Hosp.Town Ship Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
235 KP Bannu RHC Ghoriwala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
236 KP Battagram DHQ Hospital, Battagram Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
237 KP Battagram RHC Kuza Banda Public RHC AFB-microscopy
238 KP Battagram RHC Banna Public RHC AFB-microscopy
239 KP Battagram CH Thakot Public CH AFB-microscopy
240 KP Battagram BHU Shumlai Public BHU AFB-microscopy
241 KP Buner DHQ Hospital, Buner Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
242 KP Buner CH Chamla/Nawagai Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
243 KP Buner CH Totalai Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
244 KP Buner CH PachaKilla/Pirbaba Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
245 KP Buner RHC Nagri Public RHC AFB-microscopy
246 KP Buner RHC Jowar Public RHC AFB-microscopy
247 KP Buner RHC Dewana Baba Public RHC AFB-microscopy
248 KP Charsada DHQ  Charsada Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
249 KP Charsada CH Shabqadar Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
250 KP Charsada THQ  Tangi Public THQ AFB-microscopy
251 KP Charsada RHC Jamalabad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
252 KP Charsada RHC Battagram Public RHC AFB-microscopy
253 KP Charsada RHC Sherpaow Public RHC AFB-microscopy
254 KP Charsada BHU Nisatta Public BHU AFB-microscopy
255 KP Charsada BHU Uthmanzai Public BHU AFB-microscopy
256 KP Charsada RHC Ummer Zai Public RHC AFB-microscopy
257 KP Charsada BHU Tarnab Public BHU AFB-microscopy
258 KP Chitral DHQ  Chitral Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
259 KP Chitral MCC Shah Gram Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
260 KP Chitral THQ Booni Public THQ AFB-microscopy
261 KP Chitral RHC Mastuj Public RHC AFB-microscopy
262 KP Chitral RHC Ayun Public RHC AFB-microscopy
263 KP Chitral THQ Garam Chashma Public THQ AFB-microscopy
264 KP Chitral THQ Drosh Public THQ AFB-microscopy
265 KP Chitral BHU Armudu Public BHU AFB-microscopy
266 KP Chitral RHC Koghuzi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
433 KP Chitral Booni Medical Center Booni Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
434 KP Chitral EFHC Shoghore Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
435 KP Chitral FHC Bang Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
267 KP D.I Khan Mufti Mehmood Teaching Hospital Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
268 KP D.I Khan DTO D.I.Khan Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
269 KP D.I Khan RHC  G Shamozai Public RHC AFB-microscopy
270 KP D.I Khan CH Chowdwan Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
271 KP D.I Khan CH Panyala Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
272 KP D.I Khan THQ Kulachi Public THQ AFB-microscopy
273 KP D.I Khan RHC Paharpur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
274 KP D.I Khan CH Kot Jai Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
275 KP D.I Khan RHC Parava Public RHC AFB-microscopy
276 KP D.I Khan CH Darban Kal Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
277 KP D.I Khan CH Darazinda Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
278 KP D.I Khan CRBC Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
436 KP D.I Khan TBA D.I.Khan Private TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
279 KP Hangu DHQ Hospital, Hangu Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
280 KP Hangu RHC Naryab Public RHC AFB-microscopy
281 KP Hangu CH Thall Public CH AFB-microscopy
282 KP Hangu RHC Doaba Public RHC AFB-microscopy
283 KP Hangu BHU Serozai Public BHU AFB-microscopy
284 KP Haripur DHQ Hospital Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
285 KP Haripur TBC Centre Neelum Public TBC Xpert+Microscopy
286 KP Haripur DTC Haripur Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
287 KP Haripur RHC Khanpur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
288 KP Haripur RHC Ghazi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
289 KP Haripur RHC Kot NajibUllah Public RHC AFB-microscopy
290 KP Haripur RHC SN Khan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
291 KP Haripur Central Jail Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
292 KP Haripur CH Rehana Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
293 KP Haripur CH Khalabat Township Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
294 KP Haripur RHC Sirikot Public RHC AFB-microscopy
295 KP Haripur Urban Disp.KTS  Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
296 KP Haripur WAPDA Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
297 KP Haripur Poly Clinic Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
298 KP Karak DHQ  Karak Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
299 KP Karak CH Bahaderkhel Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
300 KP Karak DTO W/C Hospital, Karak Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
301 KP Karak RHC Sabirabad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
302 KP Karak THQ B.D. Shah Public THQ AFB-microscopy
303 KP Karak CH Teri Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
304 KP Karak RHC Lathamber Public RHC AFB-microscopy
305 KP Karak RHC Ahmadabad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
306 KP Karak THQ  Takhti Nasrati Public THQ AFB-microscopy
307 KP Karak RHC Jandre Public RHC AFB-microscopy
308 KP Kohat DHQ Hospital, Kohat Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
309 KP Kohat RHC Gumbat Public RHC AFB-microscopy
310 KP Kohat RHC Chorlaki Public RHC AFB-microscopy
311 KP Kohat RHC Lachi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
312 KP Kohat RHC Shakar Dara Public RHC AFB-microscopy
313 KP Kohat Police Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
314 KP Kohat RHC Usterzai Public RHC AFB-microscopy
315 KP Kohat RHC Baliteng  Public RHC AFB-microscopy
437 KP Kohat LMH Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
438 KP Kohat TB Association Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
316 KP Kohistan DTC / RHC Dassu Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
317 KP Kohistan RHC Pattan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
318 KP Kohistan RHC Shatyal Public RHC AFB-microscopy
319 KP Kohistan BHU Ranolai Public BHU AFB-microscopy
320 KP Kohistan TBC Palas Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
321 KP Lakki Marwat DHQ  Lakki Marwat Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
322 KP Lakki Marwat CH Sarai Naurang Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
323 KP Lakki Marwat RHC Gambila Public RHC AFB-microscopy
324 KP Lakki Marwat RHC Tajori Public RHC AFB-microscopy
325 KP Lakki Marwat RHC Landiwah Public RHC AFB-microscopy
326 KP Lakki Marwat RHC Titter Khel Public RHC AFB-microscopy
327 KP Lakki Marwat City Hospital Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
328 KP Lakki Marwat THQ Sarae Norang Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
329 KP Lower Dir DHQ Hospital Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
330 KP Lower Dir RHC Ziarat Talash Public RHC AFB-microscopy
331 KP Lower Dir RHC Lalqilla Public RHC AFB-microscopy
332 KP Lower Dir RHC Gulabad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
333 KP Lower Dir THQ Hospital, Samarbagh Public THQ AFB-microscopy
334 KP Lower Dir RHC Munda Public RHC AFB-microscopy
335 KP Lower Dir THQ Chakadara Public THQ AFB-microscopy
336 KP Lower Dir TBC Ouch Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
337 KP Malakand Agency AHQ/DHQ Battkella Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
338 KP Malakand Agency CH Thana Public CH AFB-microscopy
339 KP Malakand Agency RHC Julagram Public RHC AFB-microscopy
340 KP Malakand Agency CH Totakhan Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
341 KP Malakand Agency THQ  Dargai Public THQ AFB-microscopy
342 KP Malakand Agency RHC Sahakot Public RHC AFB-microscopy
343 KP Malakand Agency RHC Kot  Public RHC AFB-microscopy
344 KP Malakand Agency RHC Palai Public RHC AFB-microscopy
439 KP Malakand Agency TB Association Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
345 KP Mansehra DTO Mansehra Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
346 KP Mansehra DHQ Hospital, Mansehra Public DHQ AFB-microscopy
347 KP Mansehra G&M Hospital, Dadar Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
348 KP Mansehra RHC Chattarplain Public RHC AFB-microscopy
349 KP Mansehra CH Battal Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
350 KP Mansehra RHC Chowki Public RHC AFB-microscopy
351 KP Mansehra RHC Lassan Nawab Public RHC AFB-microscopy
352 KP Mansehra CH Baffa Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
353 KP Mansehra CH Oghi Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
354 KP Mansehra CH Darband Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
355 KP Mansehra THQ I. Balakot Public THQ AFB-microscopy
356 KP Mansehra CH Garhi Habeebullah Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
357 KP Mansehra RHC Shinkiari Public RHC AFB-microscopy
358 KP Mansehra RHC Oghi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
359 KP Mansehra BHU Kattai Public BHU AFB-microscopy
360 KP Mansehra DHQ King Abdullah Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
440 KP Mansehra Ahall TBA Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
441 KP Mansehra TBA Jalilabad Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
361 KP Mardan Mardan Medical Complex Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
362 KP Mardan DTO/ DHQ Mardan Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
363 KP Mardan RHC Takht Bhai Public RHC AFB-microscopy
364 KP Mardan CH Lund Khawar Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
365 KP Mardan CH Rustam Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
366 KP Mardan RHC Shahbaz Garhi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
367 KP Mardan RHC Toru Public RHC AFB-microscopy
368 KP Mardan RHC Katlang Public RHC AFB-microscopy
369 KP Mardan TBC Bughdada Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
370 KP Mardan RHC Shergarh Public RHC AFB-microscopy
371 KP Mardan RHC Manga Public RHC AFB-microscopy
372 KP Nowshera DTO /DHQ Hospital Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
373 KP Nowshera ESC/THQ Pabbi Public THQ AFB-microscopy
374 KP Nowshera RHC Khairabad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
375 KP Nowshera RHC Akora Khattak Public RHC AFB-microscopy
376 KP Nowshera RHC Manki Sharif Public RHC AFB-microscopy
377 KP Nowshera CH Ziarat Kaka Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
378 KP Nowshera RHC Kheshki Public RHC AFB-microscopy
379 KP Nowshera RHC Dak Ismail Khel Public RHC AFB-microscopy
380 KP Nowshera RHC Nizam Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
381 KP Nowshera Social Security Medical Center Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
382 KP Peshawar LRH Peshawar Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
383 KP Peshawar KTH, Peshawar Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
384 KP Peshawar DTO Peshawar Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
385 KP Peshawar HMC Peshawar/PRL Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
386 KP Peshawar PRL, City Hospital  Peshawar Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
387 KP Peshawar TBC Gunj Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
388 KP Peshawar RHC Gara Tajik Public RHC AFB-microscopy
389 KP Peshawar RHC Badabir Public RHC AFB-microscopy
390 KP Peshawar CH Matani Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
391 KP Peshawar FGMC Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
392 KP Peshawar Police Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
393 KP Peshawar BHU Budhai Public BHU AFB-microscopy
394 KP Peshawar Wapda Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
395 KP Peshawar Poly Clinic Hospital Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
396 KP Peshawar Railway Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
397 KP Peshawar CMH Peshawar Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
442 KP Peshawar ESH Nahaqi Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
443 KP Peshawar Mission Hospital, Peshawar Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
444 KP Peshawar AGFHC Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
445 KP Peshawar Kuwait Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
398 KP Shangla DHQ Alpuri Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
399 KP Shangla THQ Besham Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
400 KP Shangla CH Karora Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
401 KP Shangla CH Puran Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
402 KP Shangla CH Chakesar Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
403 KP Swabi DHQ Hospital Swabi Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
404 KP Swabi DTO Swabi Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
405 KP Swabi CH Topi Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
406 KP Swabi CH Kalu Khan Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
407 KP Swabi RHC Yar Hussein Public RHC AFB-microscopy
408 KP Swabi RHC Ambar Kunda Public RHC AFB-microscopy
409 KP Swabi Govt SMH Marghuz Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
410 KP Swabi BHU Gani Chattra Public BHU AFB-microscopy
411 KP Swabi BHU Tor Dher Public BHU AFB-microscopy
412 KP Swabi Social Security Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
413 KP Swat DTO Swat Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
414 KP Swat CH Barikot Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
415 KP Swat CH Kabal Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
416 KP Swat THQ  Matta Public THQ AFB-microscopy
417 KP Swat RHC Chuprial Public RHC AFB-microscopy
418 KP Swat CH Khawaza Khella Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
419 KP Swat CH Madian Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
420 KP Swat CH Manglior Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
421 KP Swat RHC Kalam Public RHC AFB-microscopy
422 KP Swat RHC Dewalai Public RHC AFB-microscopy
423 KP Swat RHC Khazana Public RHC AFB-microscopy
427 KP Swat THQ Matta Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
446 KP Swat TB Association Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
424 KP Tank TBC/ DTO Tank Public DTO AFB-microscopy
425 KP Tank RHC Amal Khail Public RHC AFB-microscopy
426 KP Tank RHC Gomal Bazar Public RHC AFB-microscopy
447 KP Tank Christain Hospital Tank Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
428 KP Upper Dir DTO Upper Dir Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
429 KP Upper Dir RHC Burowal Bundi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
430 KP Upper Dir RHC Wari Public RHC AFB-microscopy
431 KP Upper Dir RHC Patraka Public RHC AFB-microscopy
448 Punjab Attock DHQ Hospital Attock Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
449 Punjab Attock THQ Fateh Jang Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
450 Punjab Attock THQ Pindi Gheb Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
451 Punjab Attock THQ Hazro Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
452 Punjab Attock THQ Hasanabdal Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
453 Punjab Attock RHC Rangoo Public RHC AFB-microscopy
454 Punjab Attock RHC Bahter Public RHC AFB-microscopy
455 Punjab Attock RHC Chabb Public RHC AFB-microscopy
456 Punjab Attock RHC Domel Public RHC AFB-microscopy
457 Punjab Attock THQ Jand Public THQ AFB-microscopy
458 Punjab Attock RHC Maghian Public RHC AFB-microscopy
459 Punjab Attock District Jail Attock Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
991 Punjab Attock District TB Association Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
460 Punjab Bahawal Nagar DHQ Bahawalnagar Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
461 Punjab Bahawal Nagar THQ Hospital Chishtian Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
462 Punjab Bahawal Nagar THQ Hospital Haroon Abad Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
463 Punjab Bahawal Nagar RHC Donga Bonga Public RHC AFB-microscopy
464 Punjab Bahawal Nagar RHC Madrissa Public RHC AFB-microscopy
465 Punjab Bahawal Nagar RHC 6/G Public RHC AFB-microscopy
466 Punjab Bahawal Nagar RHC Dahran Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
467 Punjab Bahawal Nagar RHC Shaher Farid Public RHC AFB-microscopy
468 Punjab Bahawal Nagar RHC Khichi Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
469 Punjab Bahawal Nagar RHC Marot Public RHC AFB-microscopy
470 Punjab Bahawal Nagar THQ Hospital Fort Abbas Public THQ AFB-microscopy
471 Punjab Bahawal Nagar RHC Faqir Wali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
472 Punjab Bahawal Nagar RHC M S Ganj Public RHC AFB-microscopy
473 Punjab Bahawal Nagar RHC Mcleod Ganj Public RHC AFB-microscopy
474 Punjab Bahawal Nagar THQ Hospital Minchin abad Public THQ AFB-microscopy
475 Punjab Bahawal Nagar District Jail Bahawal Nagar Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
476 Punjab Bahawalpur Bahawalpur Victoria Hospital Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
477 Punjab Bahawalpur THQ Ahmed Pur East Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
478 Punjab Bahawalpur THQ Khair Pur Tamewali Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
479 Punjab Bahawalpur THQ Yazman Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
480 Punjab Bahawalpur THQ Hasil Pur Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
481 Punjab Bahawalpur RHC Channi Goth Public RHC AFB-microscopy
482 Punjab Bahawalpur RHC Mubarik Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
483 Punjab Bahawalpur RHC Uch Sharif Public RHC AFB-microscopy
484 Punjab Bahawalpur Dispensary One Unit Staff Colony Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
485 Punjab Bahawalpur RHC Dera Bakhha Public RHC AFB-microscopy
486 Punjab Bahawalpur RHC Khanqah Sharif Public RHC AFB-microscopy
487 Punjab Bahawalpur RHC Lal Sonhara Public RHC AFB-microscopy
488 Punjab Bahawalpur TBC Bahawalpur Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
489 Punjab Bahawalpur RHC Choonan Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
490 Punjab Bahawalpur TBC Hasil Pur Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
491 Punjab Bahawalpur RHC Qaim Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
492 Punjab Bahawalpur RHC Head Rajkan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
493 Punjab Bahawalpur RHC Khutri Banglaw Public RHC AFB-microscopy
494 Punjab Bahawalpur RHC Kud Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
495 Punjab Bahawalpur Jails BWP Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
496 Punjab Bahawalpur BMU Mangwani Public BHU AFB-microscopy
497 Punjab Bahawalpur BHU Hatheji Public BHU AFB-microscopy
498 Punjab Bahawalpur CH Jhangi Wala Public THQ AFB-microscopy
992 Punjab Bahawalpur Aga Khan Health Center Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
993 Punjab Bahawalpur PATA Hasil Pur  Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
994 Punjab Bahawalpur PESSI Bahawalpur Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
499 Punjab Bhakkar DHQ Bhakkar Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
500 Punjab Bhakkar THQ Mankera Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
501 Punjab Bhakkar Railway Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
502 Punjab Bhakkar RHC Behal Public RHC AFB-microscopy
503 Punjab Bhakkar Social Security Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
504 Punjab Bhakkar RHC Darya Khan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
505 Punjab Bhakkar RHC Dulle Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
506 Punjab Bhakkar RHC Jandanwala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
507 Punjab Bhakkar THQ Kaloor Kot Public THQ AFB-microscopy
508 Punjab Bhakkar RHC Saray Muhajir Public RHC AFB-microscopy
509 Punjab Bhakkar RHC Haiderabad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
995 Punjab Bhakkar PATA Bhakhar Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
510 Punjab Chakwal DHQ Hospital, Chakwal Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
511 Punjab Chakwal THQ Hospital Tala Gang Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
512 Punjab Chakwal RHC Balkasar Public RHC AFB-microscopy
513 Punjab Chakwal RHC Buchal Kalan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
514 Punjab Chakwal RHC Dhouman Public RHC AFB-microscopy
515 Punjab Chakwal RHC Dhudhial Public RHC AFB-microscopy
516 Punjab Chakwal RHC Munday Public RHC AFB-microscopy
517 Punjab Chakwal THQ Hospital Chua Saidan Shah Public THQ AFB-microscopy
518 Punjab Chakwal RHC Jhatla Public RHC AFB-microscopy
519 Punjab Chakwal RHC Lawa Public RHC AFB-microscopy
520 Punjab Chakwal RHC Tamman Public RHC AFB-microscopy
521 Punjab Chakwal RHC Pir Pholai Public RHC AFB-microscopy
522 Punjab Chiniot  DHQ Chiniot  Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
523 Punjab Chiniot  RHC Bhowana Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
524 Punjab Chiniot  RHC Lalian Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
525 Punjab Chiniot  RHC Chak 14 JB Public RHC AFB-microscopy
526 Punjab Chiniot  RHC Ahmad Nagar Public RHC AFB-microscopy
527 Punjab Chiniot  TB Clinic Chiniot Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
528 Punjab Chiniot  RHC Barana Public RHC AFB-microscopy
529 Punjab Dera Ghazi Khan DHQ DG Khan Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
530 Punjab Dera Ghazi Khan THQ Taunsa Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
531 Punjab Dera Ghazi Khan CH Fort Manroo Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
532 Punjab Dera Ghazi Khan RHC Choti Zerin Public RHC AFB-microscopy
533 Punjab Dera Ghazi Khan RHC Kot Chhutta Public RHC AFB-microscopy
534 Punjab Dera Ghazi Khan RHC Qadir Abad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
535 Punjab Dera Ghazi Khan RHC Sarwar Wali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
536 Punjab Dera Ghazi Khan RHC Shadan Lund Public RHC AFB-microscopy
537 Punjab Dera Ghazi Khan RHC Shah Sadar Din Public RHC AFB-microscopy
538 Punjab Dera Ghazi Khan RHC Tibbi Qaisrani Public RHC AFB-microscopy
539 Punjab Dera Ghazi Khan RHC Vohoa Public RHC AFB-microscopy
540 Punjab Dera Ghazi Khan CH Sakhi Sarwar Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
541 Punjab Dera Ghazi Khan Central Jail Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
542 Punjab Faisalabad Allied Hospital Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
543 Punjab Faisalabad DHQ Faislaabad Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
544 Punjab Faisalabad THQ Chak Jhumra Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
545 Punjab Faisalabad THQ Jaranwala Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
546 Punjab Faisalabad THQ Samundri Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
547 Punjab Faisalabad THQ Tandlianwala Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
548 Punjab Faisalabad THC (PATA) Faisalabad Private NGO BMU Xpert+Microscopy
549 Punjab Faisalabad Govt.Hospital Samanabad Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
550 Punjab Faisalabad Government General Hospital G.M Abad Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
551 Punjab Faisalabad RHC Chak No. 30/J.B. Public RHC AFB-microscopy
552 Punjab Faisalabad RHC Dajkot Public RHC AFB-microscopy
553 Punjab Faisalabad RHC Chak No. 65/G.B. Public RHC AFB-microscopy
554 Punjab Faisalabad RHC Khurrianwala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
555 Punjab Faisalabad RHC Lundian Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
556 Punjab Faisalabad RHC Kanjwani Public RHC AFB-microscopy
557 Punjab Faisalabad RHC Mamun Kanjan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
558 Punjab Faisalabad RHC Murid Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
559 Punjab Faisalabad RHC Pindi Sheikh Musa Public RHC AFB-microscopy
560 Punjab Faisalabad RHC Satiana Public RHC AFB-microscopy
561 Punjab Faisalabad Social Security Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
562 Punjab Faisalabad BHU 74/JB Public BHU AFB-microscopy
563 Punjab Faisalabad I.D. Hospital G.M.Abad Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
564 Punjab Faisalabad ZCD 56/JB Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
565 Punjab Faisalabad Centeral Jail Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
566 Punjab Faisalabad RHC 153/RB Public RHC AFB-microscopy
567 Punjab Faisalabad RHC 229/RB Public RHC AFB-microscopy
568 Punjab Faisalabad District Jail FSD Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
569 Punjab Faisalabad Borstral Jail Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
996 Punjab Faisalabad District TB Hospital Faisalabad Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
997 Punjab Faisalabad AIMS TB Centre Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
998 Punjab Faisalabad Surriya Majeed Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
999 Punjab Faisalabad Shair Sing Wala Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
570 Punjab Gujranwala DHQ Hospital Gujranwala Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
571 Punjab Gujranwala THQ Hospital Kamoke Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
572 Punjab Gujranwala THQ Noshera Virkan Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
573 Punjab Gujranwala TBC Wazirabad Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
574 Punjab Gujranwala PATA Private NGO BMU Xpert+Microscopy
575 Punjab Gujranwala RHC Eminabad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
576 Punjab Gujranwala RHC Qila Didar Singh Public RHC AFB-microscopy
577 Punjab Gujranwala RHC Wahndo Public RHC AFB-microscopy
578 Punjab Gujranwala RHC Ahmed Nagar Public RHC AFB-microscopy
579 Punjab Gujranwala RHC Ali Pur Chattha Public RHC AFB-microscopy
580 Punjab Gujranwala RHC Dhounkal Public RHC AFB-microscopy
581 Punjab Gujranwala RHC Gakkher Public RHC AFB-microscopy
582 Punjab Gujranwala BHU Tatlay wali Public BHU AFB-microscopy
583 Punjab Gujranwala Social Security Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
584 Punjab Gujranwala TBC Gujranwala Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
1000 Punjab Gujranwala Allama Iqbal hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1001 Punjab Gujranwala Al-Raee Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
585 Punjab Gujrat ABS Hospital Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
586 Punjab Gujrat THQ Hospital Kharian Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
587 Punjab Gujrat THQ Hospital Sarai Alam Gir Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
588 Punjab Gujrat RHC Kunjah Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
589 Punjab Gujrat RHC Dinga Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
590 Punjab Gujrat CMH Kharian Other public  MH Xpert+Microscopy
591 Punjab Gujrat RHC Pindisultanpur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
592 Punjab Gujrat Civil Hospital Jalal Pur Jatan Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
593 Punjab Gujrat RHC Daulat Nagar Public RHC AFB-microscopy
594 Punjab Gujrat RHC Shadiwal Public RHC AFB-microscopy
595 Punjab Gujrat RHC Tanda Public RHC AFB-microscopy
596 Punjab Gujrat RHC Lala Musa Public RHC AFB-microscopy
597 Punjab Gujrat RHC Malka Public RHC AFB-microscopy
598 Punjab Gujrat Social Security Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
599 Punjab Gujrat RHC D. Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
600 Punjab Gujrat CH Kotla Public CH AFB-microscopy
601 Punjab Hafizabad DHQ Hafizabad Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
602 Punjab Hafizabad THQ Hospital Pindi Bhattian Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
603 Punjab Hafizabad RHC Kaleki Mandi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
604 Punjab Hafizabad RHC Wanike Tarar Public RHC AFB-microscopy
605 Punjab Hafizabad RHC Jalal Pur Bhattian Public RHC AFB-microscopy
606 Punjab Hafizabad RHC Sukheki Mandi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
607 Punjab Jhang DHQ Jhang Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
608 Punjab Jhang THQ Shorkot Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
609 Punjab Jhang THQ 18 Hazari Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
610 Punjab Jhang RHC Garh Maharaja Public RHC AFB-microscopy
611 Punjab Jhang THQ Ahmed Pur Sial Public THQ AFB-microscopy
612 Punjab Jhang RHC Bagh Public RHC AFB-microscopy
613 Punjab Jhang RHC Havaili Sheikh Rajoo Public RHC AFB-microscopy
614 Punjab Jhang RHC Kot Shakir Public RHC AFB-microscopy
615 Punjab Jhang RHC Mochiwala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
616 Punjab Jhang RHC Mukhiana Public RHC AFB-microscopy
617 Punjab Jhang RHC Rodu Sultan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
618 Punjab Jhang RHC Shah Jeevna Public RHC AFB-microscopy
619 Punjab Jhang RHC Havaili Bahadar Shah Public RHC AFB-microscopy
620 Punjab Jhang TBC Jhang Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
621 Punjab Jhang City Hospital Jhang Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
622 Punjab Jhang District Jail Jhang  Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
1002 Punjab Jhang PATA Ismail Welfare Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
623 Punjab Jhelum DHQ Hospital Jhelum Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
624 Punjab Jhelum THQ Hospital Pind Dadan Khan Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
625 Punjab Jhelum THQ Hospital Sohawa Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
626 Punjab Jhelum RHC Dina Public RHC AFB-microscopy
627 Punjab Jhelum RHC Khalass Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
628 Punjab Jhelum RHC Jalal Pur Sharif Public RHC AFB-microscopy
629 Punjab Jhelum RHC Lilla Public RHC AFB-microscopy
630 Punjab Jhelum RHC Domeli Public RHC AFB-microscopy
631 Punjab Jhelum District Jail  Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
632 Punjab Jhelum CH Khewra Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1003 Punjab Jhelum MCH Centre Shandar Chowk Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
633 Punjab Kasur DHQ Kasur Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
634 Punjab Kasur THQ Chunian Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
635 Punjab Kasur RHC Changa Manga Public RHC AFB-microscopy
636 Punjab Kasur RHC Elah Abad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
637 Punjab Kasur RHC Kangan Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
638 Punjab Kasur RHC Ganda Singh Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
639 Punjab Kasur RHC Khudian Public RHC AFB-microscopy
640 Punjab Kasur RHC Kot Radha Kishan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
641 Punjab Kasur RHC Mustafa Abad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
642 Punjab Kasur RHC Raja Jang Public RHC AFB-microscopy
643 Punjab Kasur RHC Halla Public RHC AFB-microscopy
644 Punjab Kasur RHC Phool Nagar Public RHC AFB-microscopy
645 Punjab Kasur THQ Pattoki Public THQ AFB-microscopy
646 Punjab Kasur TB Clinic Pattoki Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
647 Punjab Kasur RHC Habiba Abad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
648 Punjab Kasur District Jail Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
1004 Punjab Kasur Gulab Devi Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1005 Punjab Kasur PATA Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
649 Punjab Khanewal THQ Mian Chanun Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
650 Punjab Khanewal THQ Jahanian Public THQ AFB-microscopy
651 Punjab Khanewal RHC Abdul Hakim Public RHC AFB-microscopy
652 Punjab Khanewal RHC Sarai Sadhu Public RHC AFB-microscopy
653 Punjab Khanewal THQ Kabir Wala Public THQ AFB-microscopy
654 Punjab Khanewal RHC Kacha Khuh Public RHC AFB-microscopy
655 Punjab Khanewal RHC Tulamba Public RHC AFB-microscopy
656 Punjab Khanewal RHC Thatha Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1006 Punjab Khanewal TBC (PATA) Khanewal Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1007 Punjab Khanewal TBC Kabir Wala Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
657 Punjab Khushab DHQ Johar Abad Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
658 Punjab Khushab THQ Khushab Public THQ AFB-microscopy
659 Punjab Khushab THQ Noor Pur Thal Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
660 Punjab Khushab RHC Noshehra Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
661 Punjab Khushab RHC Hadali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
662 Punjab Khushab RHC Khabeki Public RHC AFB-microscopy
663 Punjab Khushab RHC Mitha Tiwana Public RHC AFB-microscopy
664 Punjab Khushab RHC Padhrar Public RHC AFB-microscopy
665 Punjab Khushab RHC Rodda Public RHC AFB-microscopy
666 Punjab Khushab CH Quid Abad Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1008 Punjab Khushab Chest Clinic Khushab Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1009 Punjab Khushab Social Security JBD Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
667 Punjab Lahore T.B. Hospital Ganga Ram Hospital Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
668 Punjab Lahore Jinnah Hospital Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
669 Punjab Lahore Mayo Hospital, Lahore Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
670 Punjab Lahore Services Hospital, Lahore Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
671 Punjab Lahore Gulab Devi Hospital Private TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
672 Punjab Lahore Infectious Diseases Hospital Bilal Gunj Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
673 Punjab Lahore Lahore General Hospital, Lahore Private Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
674 Punjab Lahore CMH Lahore Other public  MH Xpert+Microscopy
675 Punjab Lahore PRL IPH  Public Other Xpert+Microscopy
676 Punjab Lahore RHC Chung Multan Road Public RHC AFB-microscopy
677 Punjab Lahore RHC Manga Mandi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
678 Punjab Lahore Whadat Colony Hospital Wahdat Road Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
679 Punjab Lahore RHC Barki Public RHC AFB-microscopy
680 Punjab Lahore Cantonment General Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
681 Punjab Lahore Baja Line, Lahore Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
682 Punjab Lahore Gawalmandi Diagnostic Center Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
683 Punjab Lahore Govt. Filter Clinic Bilal Ganj Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
684 Punjab Lahore Govt. Mozang Hospital Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
685 Punjab Lahore Chouburji Diagnostic Center Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
686 Punjab Lahore Mian Munshi Hospital Bund Road Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
687 Punjab Lahore Sant Nagar Diagnostic Center Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
688 Punjab Lahore Sodiwal Diagnostic Center Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
689 Punjab Lahore Model Town Hospital Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
690 Punjab Lahore RHC Kahna Public RHC AFB-microscopy
691 Punjab Lahore RHC Raiwind Public RHC AFB-microscopy
692 Punjab Lahore Kot Khawaja Saeed Hospital Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
693 Punjab Lahore Yakki Gate Hospital Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
694 Punjab Lahore RHC Awan Dhai Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
695 Punjab Lahore BHU Dogar Clan Public BHU AFB-microscopy
696 Punjab Lahore Assoc. of Fatima Jinah Old Gradu Public TCH AFB-microscopy
697 Punjab Lahore GFC Wahadat Colony Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
698 Punjab Lahore Dharmpura Diagnostic Clinic Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
699 Punjab Lahore Punjab Unv. Health Center Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
700 Punjab Lahore Govt. Nawaz Sharif Hospital Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
701 Punjab Lahore Shadra Hospital Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
702 Punjab Lahore Model Chest Clinic Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
703 Punjab Lahore Social Security  hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
704 Punjab Lahore Said mitha Hospital Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
705 Punjab Lahore Central Jail Kot Lakhpat Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
706 Punjab Lahore Govt Disp. Samanabad Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
707 Punjab Lahore District Jail Lahore Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
708 Punjab Lahore Railway Lahore Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
709 Punjab Lahore Social Security Shahdra Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
1010 Punjab Lahore Hijaz Hospital Private Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1011 Punjab Lahore Ghurki Hospital Private TCH AFB-microscopy
1012 Punjab Lahore Rashid Memorial Private Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1013 Punjab Lahore PATA Nisbat Road Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1014 Punjab Lahore PATA Gulberg Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1015 Punjab Lahore PATA Rasheed Memorial  Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
710 Punjab Layyah DHQ Layyah Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
711 Punjab Layyah THQ Karor Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
712 Punjab Layyah RHC Fateh Pur Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
713 Punjab Layyah RHC Chowk Azam Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
714 Punjab Layyah RHC Kot Sultan Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
715 Punjab Layyah THQ Chobara Public THQ AFB-microscopy
716 Punjab Lodhran DHQ Lodhran Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
717 Punjab Lodhran THQ Hospital Duniapur Public THQ AFB-microscopy
718 Punjab Lodhran THQ Karor Pacca Public THQ AFB-microscopy
719 Punjab Lodhran RHC 231/W.B. Public RHC AFB-microscopy
720 Punjab Lodhran RHC 53/M Public RHC AFB-microscopy
721 Punjab Lodhran RHC Gogran Public RHC AFB-microscopy
722 Punjab Lodhran RHC Makhdoom Wali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
723 Punjab Lodhran BHU Musa Kotha  Public BHU AFB-microscopy
724 Punjab Mandi Baha ud Din DHQ Mandi Baha-Uddin Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
725 Punjab Mandi Baha ud Din THQ Hospital Phalia Public THQ AFB-microscopy
726 Punjab Mandi Baha ud Din RHC  Malik Wal Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
727 Punjab Mandi Baha ud Din RHC Miana Gondal Public RHC AFB-microscopy
728 Punjab Mandi Baha ud Din RHC Chalianwala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
729 Punjab Mandi Baha ud Din RHC Kothiala Sheikhan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
730 Punjab Mandi Baha ud Din RHC Mong Public RHC AFB-microscopy
731 Punjab Mandi Baha ud Din District Jail Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
732 Punjab Mandi Baha ud Din RHC Bheko More Public RHC AFB-microscopy
733 Punjab Mandi Baha ud Din RHC Jokalian Public RHC AFB-microscopy
734 Punjab Mandi Baha ud Din RHC Pahrian Wali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
735 Punjab Mianwali DHQ Mianwali Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
736 Punjab Mianwali THQ Esa Khail Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
737 Punjab Mianwali THQ Piplan Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
738 Punjab Mianwali RHC Kamar Mushani Public RHC AFB-microscopy
739 Punjab Mianwali RHC Trag Public RHC AFB-microscopy
740 Punjab Mianwali THQ Kala Bagh Public THQ AFB-microscopy
741 Punjab Mianwali RHC Chakrala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
742 Punjab Mianwali RHC Dawood Khel Public RHC AFB-microscopy
743 Punjab Mianwali RHC Mochh Public RHC AFB-microscopy
744 Punjab Mianwali RHC Wan Bhachran Public RHC AFB-microscopy
745 Punjab Mianwali RHC Hafiz Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
746 Punjab Mianwali RHC Kundian Public RHC AFB-microscopy
747 Punjab Mianwali RHC Tibi Sir Public RHC AFB-microscopy
748 Punjab Mianwali Central Jail Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
1016 Punjab Mianwali Pakistan Anti TB Association Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
749 Punjab Multan Nishter Hospital Multan Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
750 Punjab Multan THQ Hospital Jala Pur Peer Wala Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
751 Punjab Multan THQ Hospital Shuja abad Public THQ AFB-microscopy
752 Punjab Multan Civil Hospital Multan Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
753 Punjab Multan CMH Multan Other public  MH Xpert+Microscopy
754 Punjab Multan RHC Shershah Public RHC AFB-microscopy
755 Punjab Multan RHC Makhdoom Rasheed Public RHC AFB-microscopy
756 Punjab Multan RHC Ayaz Abad Maral Public RHC AFB-microscopy
757 Punjab Multan RHC Matotli Public RHC AFB-microscopy
758 Punjab Multan RHC Qadirpur Rawan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
759 Punjab Multan RHC Mardan Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
760 Punjab Multan RHC Kotli Najabat Public RHC AFB-microscopy
761 Punjab Multan Town Hosp. Rahimabad Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
762 Punjab Multan Town Hosp. Mumtazabad Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
763 Punjab Multan New Central Jail Multan Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
764 Punjab Multan District Jail Multan Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
765 Punjab Multan RHC Meeran Mallah Public RHC AFB-microscopy
766 Punjab Multan Social Security Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
767 Punjab Multan Railway Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
768 Punjab Multan BHU Bahadar Pur Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1017 Punjab Multan PATA Multan Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1018 Punjab Multan PATA Shujabad Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1019 Punjab Multan MMDC Multan Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1020 Punjab Multan Cantt General Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1021 Punjab Multan Children Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
769 Punjab Muzaffar Garh DHQ Hospital Muzaffargarh Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
770 Punjab Muzaffar Garh THQ Hospital Jatoi Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
771 Punjab Muzaffar Garh THQ Hospital Ali Pur Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
772 Punjab Muzaffar Garh THQ Hospital Kot Addu Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
773 Punjab Muzaffar Garh RHC Khairpur Sadat Public RHC AFB-microscopy
774 Punjab Muzaffar Garh RHC Seet Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
775 Punjab Muzaffar Garh RHC Shaher Sultan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
776 Punjab Muzaffar Garh RHC Chowk Sarwar Shaheed Public RHC AFB-microscopy
777 Punjab Muzaffar Garh RHC Daira Din Panah Public RHC AFB-microscopy
778 Punjab Muzaffar Garh RHC Gujrat Public RHC AFB-microscopy
779 Punjab Muzaffar Garh RHC Sinawan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
780 Punjab Muzaffar Garh RHC Baseera Public RHC AFB-microscopy
781 Punjab Muzaffar Garh RHC Khan Garh Public RHC AFB-microscopy
782 Punjab Muzaffar Garh RHC Rangpur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
783 Punjab Muzaffar Garh RHC Rohilanwali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
784 Punjab Muzaffar Garh RHC Shah Jamal Public RHC AFB-microscopy
785 Punjab Muzaffar Garh S S Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
786 Punjab Muzaffar Garh RHC Muradabad  Public RHC AFB-microscopy
787 Punjab Muzaffar Garh BHU Bait Mir Hazar  Public BHU AFB-microscopy
788 Punjab Nankana  Sahib DHQ Nankana Sahib Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
789 Punjab Nankana  Sahib RHC Bucheki Public RHC AFB-microscopy
790 Punjab Nankana  Sahib RHC More Khunda Public RHC AFB-microscopy
791 Punjab Nankana  Sahib RHC Rehanwala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
792 Punjab Nankana  Sahib RHC Syed Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
793 Punjab Nankana  Sahib RHC Warburten Public RHC AFB-microscopy
794 Punjab Nankana  Sahib RHC Sangla Hill Public RHC AFB-microscopy
795 Punjab Nankana  Sahib RHC Shahkot Public RHC AFB-microscopy
796 Punjab Nankana  Sahib RHC Baraghar  Public RHC AFB-microscopy
797 Punjab Narowal DHQ Narowal Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
798 Punjab Narowal RHC Bado Malhi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
799 Punjab Narowal RHC Qila Ahmed Abad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
800 Punjab Narowal RHC Sankhtra Public RHC AFB-microscopy
801 Punjab Narowal RHC Zafarwal Public RHC AFB-microscopy
802 Punjab Narowal RHC Kot Naina Public RHC AFB-microscopy
803 Punjab Narowal RHC Lesser Kalan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
804 Punjab Narowal RHC Shah Gharib Public RHC AFB-microscopy
805 Punjab Narowal THQ / TBC Shakar Garh Public THQ AFB-microscopy
806 Punjab Narowal Social Security Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
807 Punjab Okara DHQ Okara Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
808 Punjab Okara RHC Baseer Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
809 Punjab Okara RHC Battak Public RHC AFB-microscopy
810 Punjab Okara RHC Wasaway Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
811 Punjab Okara RHC Havaili Lakha Public RHC AFB-microscopy
812 Punjab Okara RHC Hujra Shah Muqeem Public RHC AFB-microscopy
813 Punjab Okara RHC Mandi Ahmed Abad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
814 Punjab Okara THQ Depal Pur Public THQ AFB-microscopy
815 Punjab Okara DHQ Okara South Public DHQ AFB-microscopy
816 Punjab Okara RHC Gogera Public RHC AFB-microscopy
817 Punjab Okara RHC Shahbore Public RHC AFB-microscopy
818 Punjab Okara TBC Okara Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
819 Punjab Okara RHC Akhtar Abad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
820 Punjab Okara RHC Bama Bala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
821 Punjab Okara RHC Renala Khurd Public RHC AFB-microscopy
822 Punjab Okara THQ Haveli Lakha Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
823 Punjab Pak Pattan DHQ Hospital Pakpattan Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
824 Punjab Pak Pattan THQ Arif Wala Public THQ AFB-microscopy
825 Punjab Pak Pattan RHC 163/E.B. Public RHC AFB-microscopy
826 Punjab Pak Pattan RHC Kabula Public RHC AFB-microscopy
827 Punjab Pak Pattan RHC Bonga Hayat Public RHC AFB-microscopy
828 Punjab Pak Pattan RHC Malka Hance Public RHC AFB-microscopy
829 Punjab Pak Pattan RHC 93/D Noor Pur  Public RHC AFB-microscopy
830 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan Sh Zayed Hospital Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
831 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan THQ Khan Pur Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
832 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan THQ Liaqat Pur Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
833 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan TBC/THQ Sadiq Abad Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
834 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Bagh Bahar Public RHC AFB-microscopy
835 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Nawan Kot Public RHC AFB-microscopy
836 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Sehja Public RHC AFB-microscopy
837 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Zahir Peer Public RHC AFB-microscopy
838 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Allah abad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
839 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Feroza Public RHC AFB-microscopy
840 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Khan Bela Public RHC AFB-microscopy
841 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Pakka Laran Public RHC AFB-microscopy
842 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Trinda Muhammad Panah Public RHC AFB-microscopy
843 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Kot Samaba Public RHC AFB-microscopy
844 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Manthar Public RHC AFB-microscopy
845 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Mianwali Qureshian Public RHC AFB-microscopy
846 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Rajan Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
847 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Trinda Swai Khan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
848 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC 173/P Public RHC AFB-microscopy
849 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Ahmed Pur Lamma Public RHC AFB-microscopy
850 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Jamal Din Wali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
851 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Nawazabad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
852 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan RHC Sanjar Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
853 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan District Jail RYK Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
854 Punjab Rajan Pur DHQ Rajan Pur Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
855 Punjab Rajan Pur THQ Jam Pur Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
856 Punjab Rajan Pur THQ Rojhan Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
857 Punjab Rajan Pur RHC Dajal Public RHC AFB-microscopy
858 Punjab Rajan Pur RHC Harrand Public RHC AFB-microscopy
859 Punjab Rajan Pur RHC Muhammad Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
860 Punjab Rajan Pur RHC Fazil Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
861 Punjab Rajan Pur RHC Kot Mithhan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
862 Punjab Rajan Pur RHC Bangla Icha Public RHC AFB-microscopy
863 Punjab Rajan Pur RHC Kotla Naseer Public RHC AFB-microscopy
864 Punjab Rajan Pur RHC Shah Wali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
865 Punjab Rawalpindi Samli Sanitorium Murree Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
866 Punjab Rawalpindi Benazir Bhutto Hospital Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
867 Punjab Rawalpindi Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
868 Punjab Rawalpindi DHQ Hospital Rawalpindi Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
869 Punjab Rawalpindi THQ Hospital Gujar Khan Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
870 Punjab Rawalpindi THQ Hospital Kahuta Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
871 Punjab Rawalpindi THQ Kotli Satian Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
872 Punjab Rawalpindi THQ Hospital Murree Public THQ AFB-microscopy
873 Punjab Rawalpindi THQ Hospital Taxilla Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
874 Punjab Rawalpindi THQ Kalar Syedan Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
875 Punjab Rawalpindi Fedral Govt TBC Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
876 Punjab Rawalpindi Leprosy Hospital Rwp Private Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
877 Punjab Rawalpindi DHO Office KSS Public Other Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
878 Punjab Rawalpindi MH -Rawaplindi Other public  MH Xpert+Microscopy
879 Punjab Rawalpindi AFIP  Other public  MH(lab) Xpert+Microscopy
880 Punjab Rawalpindi Railway Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
881 Punjab Rawalpindi RHC Daultala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
882 Punjab Rawalpindi RHC Mandra Public RHC AFB-microscopy
883 Punjab Rawalpindi RHC Qazian Public RHC AFB-microscopy
884 Punjab Rawalpindi RHC Lahtrar Public RHC AFB-microscopy
885 Punjab Rawalpindi RHC Phagwari Public RHC AFB-microscopy
886 Punjab Rawalpindi BHU Rehmat Abad Public BHU AFB-microscopy
887 Punjab Rawalpindi RHC Bagga Sheikhan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
888 Punjab Rawalpindi RHC Chontra Public RHC AFB-microscopy
889 Punjab Rawalpindi BHU Hayal Sharif Public BHU AFB-microscopy
890 Punjab Rawalpindi Adiala Jail Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
891 Punjab Rawalpindi Social Security Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
1022 Punjab Rawalpindi Al.Mustafa Trust Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
892 Punjab Sahiwal DHQ Sahiwal Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
893 Punjab Sahiwal THQ Chicha Watni Public THQ AFB-microscopy
894 Punjab Sahiwal RHC 45/12 L Public RHC AFB-microscopy
895 Punjab Sahiwal RHC 8/11 L Public RHC AFB-microscopy
896 Punjab Sahiwal RHC 96/12 L Public RHC AFB-microscopy
897 Punjab Sahiwal RHC Ghazi Abad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
898 Punjab Sahiwal RHC Kasowal Public RHC AFB-microscopy
899 Punjab Sahiwal RHC 112/9 L Public RHC AFB-microscopy
900 Punjab Sahiwal RHC Harapa Public RHC AFB-microscopy
901 Punjab Sahiwal RHC Noor Shah Public RHC AFB-microscopy
902 Punjab Sahiwal GHAQ Hospital Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
903 Punjab Sahiwal RHC 55/5 L Public RHC AFB-microscopy
904 Punjab Sahiwal RHC 120/9 L Public RHC AFB-microscopy
905 Punjab Sahiwal Central Jail Sahiwal Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
906 Punjab Sahiwal RHC 185/9L Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1023 Punjab Sahiwal PATA Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
907 Punjab Sargodha DHQ Sargodha Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
908 Punjab Sargodha THQ Bhalwal Public THQ AFB-microscopy
909 Punjab Sargodha THQ Sahiwal Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
910 Punjab Sargodha THQ 90 SB Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
911 Punjab Sargodha THQ Shah Pur Public THQ AFB-microscopy
912 Punjab Sargodha RHC Kot Moman Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
913 Punjab Sargodha THQ Bhera Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
914 Punjab Sargodha PAF  Other public  MH Xpert+Microscopy
915 Punjab Sargodha RHC Lilliani Public RHC AFB-microscopy
916 Punjab Sargodha RHC Miani Public RHC AFB-microscopy
917 Punjab Sargodha RHC Bhabra Public RHC AFB-microscopy
918 Punjab Sargodha RHC Phularwan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
919 Punjab Sargodha RHC Farooka Public RHC AFB-microscopy
920 Punjab Sargodha RHC Midh Ranjha Public RHC AFB-microscopy
921 Punjab Sargodha RHC 46 SB Public RHC AFB-microscopy
922 Punjab Sargodha RHC Bhagtanwala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
923 Punjab Sargodha TB Hospital Sargodha Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
924 Punjab Sargodha RHC Jhawarian Public RHC AFB-microscopy
925 Punjab Sargodha RHC Sillanwali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
926 Punjab Sargodha RHC 104 NB Public RHC AFB-microscopy
927 Punjab Sargodha RHC Muazzam Abad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
928 Punjab Sargodha District Jail Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
929 Punjab Sargodha RHC 71 Public RHC AFB-microscopy
930 Punjab Sargodha RHC Choki Bhagat Public RHC AFB-microscopy
931 Punjab Sheikhupura DHQ Sheikhupura Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
932 Punjab Sheikhupura THQ Muridke Public THQ AFB-microscopy
933 Punjab Sheikhupura THQ Feroz Wala Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
934 Punjab Sheikhupura RHC Sharak Pur Sharif Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
935 Punjab Sheikhupura RHC Kala Shah Kakoo Public RHC AFB-microscopy
936 Punjab Sheikhupura RHC Narang Mandi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
937 Punjab Sheikhupura RHC Farooq Abad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
938 Punjab Sheikhupura RHC Jandiala  Sher Khan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
939 Punjab Sheikhupura RHC Kharianwala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
940 Punjab Sheikhupura RHC Mana Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
941 Punjab Sheikhupura TB Sheikhupura Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
942 Punjab Sheikhupura District Jail Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
943 Punjab Sheikhupura Social Security Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
944 Punjab Sheikhupura RHC Khanqa Dogran Public RHC AFB-microscopy
945 Punjab Sheikhupura RHC Safdarabad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1024 Punjab Sheikhupura Pakistan Anti TB Association Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
946 Punjab Sialkot Allam Iqbal Hospital/DHQ, Sialkot Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
947 Punjab Sialkot THQ Hospital Pasroor Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
948 Punjab Sialkot THQ Hospital Daska Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
949 Punjab Sialkot RHC Sambrial Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
950 Punjab Sialkot CMH  Other public  MH Xpert+Microscopy
951 Punjab Sialkot RHC Jamke Cheema Public RHC AFB-microscopy
952 Punjab Sialkot RHC Satrah Public RHC AFB-microscopy
953 Punjab Sialkot TBC Daska Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
954 Punjab Sialkot RHC Chawinda Public RHC AFB-microscopy
955 Punjab Sialkot RHC Klass Wala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
956 Punjab Sialkot RHC Kahlian Public RHC AFB-microscopy
957 Punjab Sialkot RHC Kotli Loharan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
958 Punjab Sialkot Govt.Sardar Begum Hosp. Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
959 Punjab Sialkot RHC Begowala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
960 Punjab Sialkot Social Security Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
1025 Punjab Sialkot Bethania Hospital Sialkot Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1026 Punjab Sialkot TB Hospital (PATA) Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1027 Punjab Sialkot Chest Clinic Sialkot Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
961 Punjab Toba Tek Singh DHQ Hosp TTS Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
962 Punjab Toba Tek Singh THQ Hospital Gojra Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
963 Punjab Toba Tek Singh THQ Hospital Kamalia Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
964 Punjab Toba Tek Singh Govt. TB Clinic Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
965 Punjab Toba Tek Singh RHC Nia Lahore Public RHC AFB-microscopy
966 Punjab Toba Tek Singh RHC 740/G.B. Public RHC AFB-microscopy
967 Punjab Toba Tek Singh RHC Pir Mahal Public RHC AFB-microscopy
968 Punjab Toba Tek Singh RHC 316/G.B. Public RHC AFB-microscopy
969 Punjab Toba Tek Singh RHC Rajana Public RHC AFB-microscopy
970 Punjab Toba Tek Singh RHC Uroti Public RHC AFB-microscopy
971 Punjab Toba Tek Singh RHC Sandhilianwali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
972 Punjab Toba Tek Singh RHC Moongi Bangla Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1028 Punjab Toba Tek Singh PATA TT Singh Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
973 Punjab Vehari DHQ Hospital Vehari Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
974 Punjab Vehari THQ Burewala Public THQ AFB-microscopy
975 Punjab Vehari THQ Mailsi Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
976 Punjab Vehari RHC Gaggo Public RHC AFB-microscopy
977 Punjab Vehari RHC Sahuka Public RHC AFB-microscopy
978 Punjab Vehari RHC Jalla Jaeem Public RHC AFB-microscopy
979 Punjab Vehari RHC Tibba Sultan Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
980 Punjab Vehari RHC 56/WB Public RHC AFB-microscopy
981 Punjab Vehari RHC Ludden Public RHC AFB-microscopy
982 Punjab Vehari RHC Machiwal Public RHC AFB-microscopy
983 Punjab Vehari RHC 87 WB Public RHC AFB-microscopy
984 Punjab Vehari RHC Sharaf Public RHC AFB-microscopy
985 Punjab Vehari RHC 222/EB Public RHC AFB-microscopy
986 Punjab Vehari RHC Karam Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
987 Punjab Vehari RHC Garra Moor Public RHC AFB-microscopy
988 Punjab Vehari RHC 188 EB Public RHC AFB-microscopy
989 Punjab Vehari RHC 148 EB Public RHC AFB-microscopy
990 Punjab Vehari Dist. Jail Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
1029 Sindh Badin CH Badin Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
1030 Sindh Badin TH Golarchi Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1031 Sindh Badin TH Matli Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1032 Sindh Badin TH Tando Bago Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1033 Sindh Badin RHC Talhar Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
1034 Sindh Badin RHC Kadhan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1035 Sindh Badin RHC Khoshki Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1036 Sindh Badin RHC Pingrio Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1037 Sindh Badin RHC Tando Ghulam Ali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1038 Sindh Badin MC Kario Ghanwar Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1039 Sindh Badin RHC Nindo Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1040 Sindh Badin RHC Daiee Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1041 Sindh Badin RHC Rajoo Khanani Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1042 Sindh Dadu Civil Hospital Dadu Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
1043 Sindh Dadu TH Mehar Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1044 Sindh Dadu TH Johi Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1045 Sindh Dadu Health Centre Radhan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1046 Sindh Dadu Health Centre  Seita road Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1047 Sindh Dadu RHC Drig Bala Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1048 Sindh Dadu TH KN Shah Public THQ AFB-microscopy
1049 Sindh Dadu BHU Phulji Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1050 Sindh Dadu BHU Wahi Pandhi Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1051 Sindh Dadu BHU Faridabad Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1052 Sindh Dadu BHU Khuda Abad Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1284 Sindh Dadu  TB Hospital Dadau Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1053 Sindh Ghotki THQ Hosp Ghotki Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1054 Sindh Ghotki THQ Hosp Ubaro Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1055 Sindh Ghotki Mari Gas Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) Xpert+Microscopy
1056 Sindh Ghotki SHBM Govt Hosp Khanpur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1057 Sindh Ghotki THQ Daharki Public THQ AFB-microscopy
1058 Sindh Ghotki RHC Adil Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1059 Sindh Ghotki DHQ Gotki Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
1060 Sindh Hyderabad Shah Bhitai Govt Hosp Latifabad Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
1061 Sindh Hyderabad RHC Tando Jam Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
1062 Sindh Hyderabad SGH Qasimabad Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
1063 Sindh Hyderabad LUMH Hospital Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
1064 Sindh Hyderabad Rafique MH TB Associaton Private NGO BMU Xpert+Microscopy
1065 Sindh Hyderabad CDF Hospital Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1066 Sindh Hyderabad SGH Pretabad Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1067 Sindh Hyderabad Hafiz MAS Hospital Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1068 Sindh Hyderabad Services Hospital Public TCH AFB-microscopy
1069 Sindh Hyderabad BHU Latifabad Unit 10 Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1070 Sindh Hyderabad RHC Husri Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1071 Sindh Hyderabad BHU Hatri Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1285 Sindh Hyderabad Agha Kha Dispensery Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1286 Sindh Hyderabad AIMS Lab Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1072 Sindh Jacobabad Civil Hosp. Jacobabad Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
1073 Sindh Jacobabad TH Garhi Khairo Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1074 Sindh Jacobabad TH Thul Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1075 Sindh Jacobabad RHC Qadir Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1076 Sindh Jacobabad RHC Mirpur Buriro Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1077 Sindh Jacobabad RHC Garhi Hassan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1078 Sindh Jacobabad RHC Muhammad Pur odho Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1079 Sindh Jacobabad BHU Bachro Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1080 Sindh Jacobabad GD Ahmad Mian Soomro Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1081 Sindh Jacobabad JCB Institute of Medical Sciences Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
1082 Sindh Jamshoro ICD Kotri Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
1083 Sindh Jamshoro TH Thano Bula Khan Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1084 Sindh Jamshoro TH Sehwan Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1085 Sindh Jamshoro TH Kotri Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1086 Sindh Jamshoro RHC Bhan Saeedabad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1087 Sindh Jamshoro RHC Jhanghara Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1088 Sindh Jamshoro RHC Unerpur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1089 Sindh Jamshoro RHC Sunn Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1090 Sindh Jamshoro TH Manjhand Public THQ AFB-microscopy
1091 Sindh Jamshoro  RHC Arazi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1092 Sindh Jamshoro SESSI Jamshoro Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
1093 Sindh Karachi  Korangi SGH Korangi Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
1094 Sindh Karachi  Korangi UHC Landhi Public Other Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
1095 Sindh Karachi  Korangi THO Office Korangi Public THQ AFB-microscopy
1096 Sindh Karachi  Korangi S.G Dispensary (Shah Faisal) Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1287 Sindh Karachi  Korangi Shaukat Umar Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1288 Sindh Karachi  Korangi  SATA Korangi Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1289 Sindh Karachi  Korangi MALC Chiragh Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1290 Sindh Karachi  Korangi Indus Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1291 Sindh Karachi  Korangi Landhi Medical Complex Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1292 Sindh Karachi  Korangi Sir Syed Medical University Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1097 Sindh Karachi Central  Nazimabad Chest Clinic Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
1098 Sindh Karachi Central  SIUT Karachi Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
1099 Sindh Karachi Central  Central Jail Karachi Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
1100 Sindh Karachi Central  Samnabad Disp Gulburg Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1101 Sindh Karachi Central  SGH Liaqat Abad Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1102 Sindh Karachi Central  SG Hospital New Karachi Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1103 Sindh Karachi Central  UHC North Karachi Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1104 Sindh Karachi Central  5 D. Lal Market Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1293 Sindh Karachi Central  MALC Liaquatabad Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1294 Sindh Karachi Central  NBC M.A.L.C (Mustafabad) Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1105 Sindh Karachi East  PRL/Iqbal Yad Chest Clinic Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
1106 Sindh Karachi East  SGD Line Area Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1295 Sindh Karachi East  AKHSP Garden Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1296 Sindh Karachi East  Behbood Dispensary Mehmoodabad Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1297 Sindh Karachi East  MALC Maskan-e-Rahat Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1107 Sindh Karachi Malir  Malir Chest Clinic  Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
1108 Sindh Karachi Malir  SGH Saudabad  Public Other Hospital Xpert+Microscopy
1109 Sindh Karachi Malir  CMH Malir Other public  MH Xpert+Microscopy
1110 Sindh Karachi Malir  PNS Shifa Other public  MH Xpert+Microscopy
1111 Sindh Karachi Malir  SGH Ibrahim Haideri Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1112 Sindh Karachi Malir  CDGK Leprosy Hospital  Public TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
1113 Sindh Karachi Malir  RHC Murad Memon Goth  Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1298 Sindh Karachi Malir  MALC Malir Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1299 Sindh Karachi Malir  MALC Rahe Nijat  Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1300 Sindh Karachi Malir  Fatima Baqai Hospital  Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1301 Sindh Karachi Malir  Infaq Hospital  Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1302 Sindh Karachi Malir  Beechum Hospital  Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1114 Sindh Karachi South Civil Hospital Karachi Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
1115 Sindh Karachi South JPMC Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
1116 Sindh Karachi South Lyari Chest Clinic Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
1117 Sindh Karachi South National Institute of Child Health Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
1118 Sindh Karachi South Services Hospital Public TCH AFB-microscopy
1119 Sindh Karachi South RHC Kemari Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1120 Sindh Karachi South Police Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
1121 Sindh Karachi South Ghazi Qayum Disp Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1122 Sindh Karachi South Hassan Railway Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
1123 Sindh Karachi South RHC Sher Shah Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1303 Sindh Karachi South Sultanabad Ziauddin Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1304 Sindh Karachi South MALC Maripur Garex  Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1305 Sindh Karachi South Behbood Association clifton Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1306 Sindh Karachi South Kharader Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1307 Sindh Karachi South AKHSP Kharadar Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1308 Sindh Karachi South MALC Saddar Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1124 Sindh Karachi West  Orangi Chest Clinic Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
1125 Sindh Karachi West  UHC Baldia Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1126 Sindh Karachi West  Mehmood Abad Mat. Home Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1127 Sindh Karachi West  UHC- Orangi-10* Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1128 Sindh Karachi West  SGH Qatar Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1129 Sindh Karachi West  Orangi-Mat.Home 11/2 Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1130 Sindh Karachi West  H M Complex Site Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
1131 Sindh Karachi West  Murshid Hospital Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1309 Sindh Karachi West  AKHSP Gulzar-e-Rahim Private Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1310 Sindh Karachi West  Hope Private Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1311 Sindh Karachi West  MALC Orangi Private Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1312 Sindh Karachi West  AL Mustafa Orangi Private Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1313 Sindh Karachi West  SATA Haji Camp Private TB Clinics AFB-microscopy
1314 Sindh Karachi West  MALC Baldia Town Private Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1315 Sindh Karachi West  Kulsoom Walika Bi Hospital Private Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1132 Sindh Kashmore TH Kand Kot Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1133 Sindh Kashmore TH Kashmore Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1134 Sindh Kashmore RHC Bukhsha Pur Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
1135 Sindh Kashmore THC Ghouspur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1136 Sindh Kashmore RHC Karampur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1137 Sindh Kashmore RHC Tangwani Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1138 Sindh Kashmore BHU Dari Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1316 Sindh Kashmore Triple Merger Center Kandhkot Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1139 Sindh Khairpur RHC Faiz Ganj Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
1140 Sindh Khairpur RHC Thari Mirvah Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
1141 Sindh Khairpur RHC Pirjogoth Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
1142 Sindh Khairpur TB Hospital Gumbat Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
1143 Sindh Khairpur TB Hospital Khairpur Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
1144 Sindh Khairpur RHC Hingorja Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1145 Sindh Khairpur RHC Kot Digi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1146 Sindh Khairpur RHC Ranipur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1147 Sindh Khairpur RHC Ghari Mori Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1148 Sindh Khairpur RHC Sobhodero Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1149 Sindh Khairpur RHC Chundko Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1150 Sindh Khairpur Kausar Hospital PPHI Public TB Clinics Xpert+Microscopy
1151 Sindh Larkana CMCH Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
1152 Sindh Larkana TH Dokri Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1153 Sindh Larkana TH Ratodero Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1154 Sindh Larkana RHC Badah Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1155 Sindh Larkana RHC Naudero Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1156 Sindh Larkana RHC Garelo Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1157 Sindh Larkana BHU Arija Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1158 Sindh Larkana MCH Murad Wahan Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1317 Sindh Larkana MALC Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1159 Sindh Matiari TH Matiari Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1160 Sindh Matiari TH Hala Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1161 Sindh Matiari RHC Bhitshah Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1162 Sindh Matiari RHC Nasarpur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1163 Sindh Matiari RHC New Saeedabad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1164 Sindh Matiari RHC Bahley D. Kaka Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1165 Sindh Matiari BHU Panj Moro Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1166 Sindh Mirpurkhas CH MPK Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
1167 Sindh Mirpurkhas TH Digri Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1168 Sindh Mirpurkhas TH Kot  G.M. Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1169 Sindh Mirpurkhas RHC Tando J.M Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1170 Sindh Mirpurkhas RHC Jhudo Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1171 Sindh Mirpurkhas RHC Mirwah G. Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1172 Sindh Mirpurkhas RHC  Naukot Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1173 Sindh Mirpurkhas RHC Phulladyoon Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1174 Sindh Mirpurkhas BHU Makhan Sammon Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1318 Sindh Mirpurkhas Al-Razi TBC (MPK) Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1319 Sindh Mirpurkhas Ratanabad TBC Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1320 Sindh Mirpurkhas Leprosy DC Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1321 Sindh Mirpurkhas MALC Mirpur Khas Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1322 Sindh Mirpurkhas Muhammadi Medical College Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1175 Sindh Naushahro Feroz Civil Hosp. Naushero Feroz Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
1176 Sindh Naushahro Feroz TH Moro Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1177 Sindh Naushahro Feroz TH Kandiaro Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1178 Sindh Naushahro Feroz RHC Mehrab Pur Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
1179 Sindh Naushahro Feroz RHC Bhiria Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1180 Sindh Naushahro Feroz RHC  Halani Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1181 Sindh Naushahro Feroz RHC S. Farm Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1182 Sindh Naushahro Feroz RHC Padiadan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1183 Sindh Naushahro Feroz RHC Mithiani Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1184 Sindh Naushahro Feroz RHC Mechur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1185 Sindh Naushahro Feroz RHC Tharu Shah Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1186 Sindh Naushahro Feroz RHC Darya Khan Mari Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1187 Sindh Naushahro Feroz RHC New Jatoi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1188 Sindh Naushahro Feroz RHC Darbello Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1189 Sindh Nawabshah PMCH Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
1190 Sindh Nawabshah TH Sakrand Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1191 Sindh Nawabshah RHC Kazi Ahmed Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
1192 Sindh Nawabshah RHC Dour Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
1193 Sindh Nawabshah RHC Bandhi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1194 Sindh Nawabshah RHC Doulat Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1195 Sindh Nawabshah RHC Mahar Ali Jamali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1196 Sindh Nawabshah RHC Shahpur  Jahania Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1197 Sindh Nawabshah BHU Nawab Wali M Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1198 Sindh Nawabshah RHC Mehrabpur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1199 Sindh Nawabshah BHU Bucheri Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1200 Sindh Qambar Shahdadkot TH Shahdad kot Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1201 Sindh Qambar Shahdadkot TH Qambar Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1202 Sindh Qambar Shahdadkot TH Warah Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1203 Sindh Qambar Shahdadkot RHC Nasirabad Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
1204 Sindh Qambar Shahdadkot RHC Wagan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1205 Sindh Qambar Shahdadkot TH Mero Khan Public THQ AFB-microscopy
1206 Sindh Qambar Shahdadkot RHC Qubo Saeed Khaan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1207 Sindh Qambar Shahdadkot BHU Behram Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1283 Sindh Sajawal THQ Sajawal Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1208 Sindh Sanghar CH Sanghar Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
1209 Sindh Sanghar TH Shahdadpur Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1210 Sindh Sanghar TH Khipro Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1211 Sindh Sanghar TH Tando Adam Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1212 Sindh Sanghar RHC Jam Nawaz Ali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1213 Sindh Sanghar RHC Sarhari Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1214 Sindh Sanghar TH Sinjhoro Public THQ AFB-microscopy
1215 Sindh Sanghar RHC Jhole Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1216 Sindh Sanghar RHC Kandiari Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1217 Sindh Sanghar RHC Shah Pur Chaker Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1323 Sindh Sanghar Christian TBC Khipro Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1218 Sindh Shikarpur RBUT Shikar Pur Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
1219 Sindh Shikarpur THQ Lakhi Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1220 Sindh Shikarpur DHQ Hospital Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
1221 Sindh Shikarpur Govt Hospital Madeji Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1222 Sindh Shikarpur RHC Khanpur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1223 Sindh Shikarpur RHC Sultankot Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1224 Sindh Shikarpur RHC Chak Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1225 Sindh Shikarpur RHC Garhi Yaseen Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1226 Sindh Shikarpur RHC Raheemabad Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1227 Sindh Sukkar CH Sukar Public TCH Xpert+Microscopy
1228 Sindh Sukkar TH Pano Aqil Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1229 Sindh Sukkar CMH Panoaqil Public Xpert+Microscopy
1230 Sindh Sukkar Anwar Paracha Govt. Hospital Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1231 Sindh Sukkar RHC Kandhra Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1232 Sindh Sukkar RHC Bachal Shah Miani Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1233 Sindh Sukkar BHU Saleh Put Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1234 Sindh Sukkar TH Rohri Public THQ AFB-microscopy
1235 Sindh Sukkar BHU New Pind Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1236 Sindh Sukkar GH Bagarji Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1237 Sindh Sukkar Railway Hospital Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
1238 Sindh Sukkar BHU Qasim Pur Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1239 Sindh Sukkar Social Security Public Other Public Sector (Parastatal) AFB-microscopy
1324 Sindh Sukkar Life Line TB Clinic Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1240 Sindh Tando Allahyar TH  Chamber Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1241 Sindh Tando Allahyar CH Tando Allah Yar Public DHQ AFB-microscopy
1242 Sindh Tando Allahyar TH Jhando M@piyaro lund Public THQ AFB-microscopy
1243 Sindh Tando Allahyar BHU Tando Soomro Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1244 Sindh Tando Allahyar BHU Bukaira Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1245 Sindh Tando Allahyar RHC Nasar Pur Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1246 Sindh Tando Allahyar TH  CH TAY Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1325 Sindh Tando Allahyar AKHSP  T.Allah yar Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1326 Sindh Tando Allahyar AKHSP Sultanabad Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1247 Sindh Tando Muhammad Khan CH T.M Khan Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
1248 Sindh Tando Muhammad Khan RHC B.Shah Karim Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1249 Sindh Tando Muhammad Khan RHC Rajo Nizamani Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1250 Sindh Tando Muhammad Khan BHU Tando Ghulam Hyder Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1251 Sindh Tando Muhammad Khan BHU Saeed Khan Lund Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1252 Sindh Tando Muhammad Khan Indus Hospital TMK Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1327 Sindh Tando Muhammad Khan Memon Charitable Hospital Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1253 Sindh Tharparkar CH Mithi Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
1254 Sindh Tharparkar TH Nagar Parkar Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1255 Sindh Tharparkar TH Chachro Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1256 Sindh Tharparkar RHC Islamkot Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
1257 Sindh Tharparkar TH Diplo Public THQ AFB-microscopy
1328 Sindh Tharparkar TATA Islamkot Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1329 Sindh Tharparkar Christian TBC Gori Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1330 Sindh Tharparkar Al-Mehdi Hospital Mithi Private Private Hospital AFB-microscopy
1258 Sindh Thatta CH/DHQ-Thatta Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
1259 Sindh Thatta RHC Gharo Public RHC Xpert+Microscopy
1260 Sindh Thatta TIH (Thatta) Public Other Hospital AFB-microscopy
1261 Sindh Thatta RHC Jherruk Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1262 Sindh Thatta RHC Jung Shahi Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1263 Sindh Thatta RHC Var Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1264 Sindh Thatta TH Sajawal Public THQ AFB-microscopy
1265 Sindh Thatta TH Jatti Public THQ AFB-microscopy
1266 Sindh Thatta RHC Chouhar Jamali Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1267 Sindh Thatta TH M.Sakro Public THQ AFB-microscopy
1268 Sindh Thatta RHC Darro Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1269 Sindh Thatta TH M.Bathoro Public THQ AFB-microscopy
1270 Sindh Thatta RHC Baghan Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1331 Sindh Thatta Ghulam Ullah (AKHSP) Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1332 Sindh Thatta M. Sakro (AKHSP) Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy
1271 Sindh Umerkot CH Umerkot Public DHQ Xpert+Microscopy
1272 Sindh Umerkot TH Kunri Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1273 Sindh Umerkot TH Samaro Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1274 Sindh Umerkot TH Pithoro Public THQ Xpert+Microscopy
1275 Sindh Umerkot RHC Nabisar Road Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1276 Sindh Umerkot RHC Dhoronaro Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1277 Sindh Umerkot RHC Chore Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1278 Sindh Umerkot RHC Haider Farm Public RHC AFB-microscopy
1279 Sindh Umerkot BHU Mahander Jo Par Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1280 Sindh Umerkot BHU Shadi Pali Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1281 Sindh Umerkot Al Mustafa Trust Public Other Clinics AFB-microscopy
1282 Sindh Umerkot BHU Ghlam Nabi Shah Public BHU AFB-microscopy
1333 Sindh Umerkot Christian TBC Kunri Private NGO BMU AFB-microscopy