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Building sustainable operational research capacity in Pakistan: starting with tuberculosis and expanding to other public health problems. [Global Health Action. Published: 09th January 2019] [1.1 Mb]
[National SORT-IT] Does Cash Incentive Effect TB Case Notification by Public Private Mix-General Practitioners Model in Pakistan? [Journal of Tuberculosis Research. Published: June 22, 2018] [329 KB]
[National SORT-IT] Community-based integrated approach to changing women's family planning behaviour in Pakistan, 2014–2016. [Public Health Action. Published: 21 JUNE, 2018] [512 KB]
[National SORT-IT] Prevalence of Human Immune Deficiency among Registered Tuberculosis Patients across Pakistan during 2013-2015. [Journal of Tuberculosis Research. Published: March 27, 2018] [225 KB]
[National SORT-IT] Did diabetes mellitus affect treatment outcome in drug-resistant tuberculosis patients in Pakistan from 2010 to 2014? [Public Health Action. Published: 21 MARCH 2018] [232 KB]
[National SORT-IT] Enhancing Childhood TB Notifications by Strengthening Linkages with Large Hospitals in Pakistan. [Journal of Tuberculosis Research. Published: March 21, 2018] [207 KB]
Delivering Patient-Centered Care in a Fragile State: Using Patient-Pathway Analysis to Understand Tuberculosis-Related Care Seeking in Pakistan. [Published: The Journal of Infectious Diseases JID 2017:216 (Suppl 7)] [287 KB]
[National SORT-IT 2016] Management of chronic Hepatitis C at a primary health clinic in the high-burden context of Karachi, Pakistan. [Published: PLoS ONE 12(4): e0175562, April 27, 2017] [997 KB]
[National SORT-IT 2016] Infection control in hospitals managing drug-resistant tuberculosis in Pakistan: how are we doing?. [Published: Public Health Action, VOL 7 NO 1, March 21, 2017] [110 KB]
[National SORT-IT 2016] Pre-treatment loss to follow-up among smear-positive TB patients in tertiary hospitals, Quetta, Pakistan. [Published: Public Health Action, VOL 7 NO 1, March 21, 2017] [225 KB]
[National SORT-IT 2016] Did Screeners Increase Pediatric Tuberculosis Case Notification in Sindh, Pakistan? [Published: Journal of Tuberculosis Research, 2017, 5, 81-86, March 29, 2017] [281 KB]
[National SORT-IT 2016] Gastric aspiration: routine use for diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis patients unable to expectorate sputum. [Published: Public Health Action, VOL 7 no 2 PUBLISHED 21 JUNE 2017] [94 KB]
[National SORT-IT 2016] Gastric specimens for diagnosing tuberculosis in adults unable to expectorate in Rawalpindi, Pakistan [Published: Public Health Action, VOL 7 no 2 PUBLISHED 21 JUNE 2017] [161 KB]
[Regional SORT-IT] Yield of facility-based verbal screening amongst household contacts of patients with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in Pakistan. [Published: Journal of Clinical Tuberculosis and Other Mycobacterial Diseases 7 (2017) 22-27, January 31, 2017] [737 KB]
[Regional SORT-IT] Extending Contact Tracing into the Community within a 50-Metre Radius of an Index Tuberculosis Patient Using Xpert MTB/RIF in Urban, Pakistan: Did It Increase Case Detection? [Published: PLoS ONE 11(11):e0165813. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0165813, November 29, 2016] [620 KB]
Alarming rates of attrition among tuberculosis patients in public-private facilities in Lahore, Pakistan [Published: Public Health Action, VOL 7 no 2 PUBLISHED 21 JUNE 2017] [191 KB]
Use of Xpert® MTB/RIF assay in the first national anti-Tuberculosis drug resistance survey in Pakistan [Published: INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS 20(4):448-455 © 2016 The Union, February 01, 2016] [297 KB]
Population Based National Tuberculosis Prevalence Survey among Adults (>15 Years) in Pakistan, 2010-2011 [Published: PLOS ONE | DOI:10.1371 / journal.pone.0148293 February 10, 2016] [656 KB]
Can the number of patients with presumptive tuberculosis lost in the general health services in Pakistan be reduced? [Published: INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS 19(6):654-656 2015 The Union] [56 KB]
Good quality locally procured drugs can be as effective as internationally quality assured drugs in treating Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis. [Published: Qadeer E, Fatima R, Fielding K, Qazi F, Moore D, Khan MS (2015). PLoS ONE 10(4): e0126099. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0126099] [850 KB]
Success of active tuberculosis case detection among high-risk groups in urban slums in Pakistan. [Published: INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS 18(9):1099 - 1104 (c) 2014 The Union] [201 KB]
Investigation of presumptive tuberculosis cases by private health providers: lessons learnt from a survey in Pakistan. (Published: PHA 2014; 4(2): 110 - 112, The Union) [100 KB]
Estimating Tuberculosis burden and case detection in Pakistan. (Published: INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS 18(1):55 - 60 The Union) [236 KB]
Research Unit NTP - Objectives, Achievements & Way forward. [507 KB]
A Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of Hospital and Ambulatory-Based Management of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis. (Published: Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg., 89(2), 2013, pp. 271-280) [795 KB]
Lost in time and space: the outcome of patients transferred out from large hospitals. (Published: Public Health Action VOL 3 NO 1, 21 March 2013) [169 KB]
Comprehensiveness of primary services in the care of infectious Tuberculosis patients in Rawalpindi, Pakistan (Published: Public Health Action VOL 1, NO 1, 21 September 2011) [276 KB]
Defaulting Rate of TB Patients among Seasonal Migrants (Published: April 2009) [24 KB]
Tuberculosis in Pakistan- A decade of progress, a future of challenges. (Published: April 2009) [66 KB]
Impact of training of Religious Leaders about Tuberculosis on Case Detection Rate in Balochistan. (Published: April 2009) [29 KB]

Technical/Monitoring & Evaluation Unit

Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

National Reference Lab (NRL)

General principles for the interpretation of LPA results [590 KB]
GeneXpert Specimen Transportation Guide (Urdu) [1.06]
Policy guidance for TB Culture and DST services (Version 2.0) [2.3 MB]
District Laboratory Supervisor’s Training Module [27 MB]
Specimen Transportation Manual For Laboratory Network [4.7 MB]
National Guidelines for the Quality Assurance of Sputum Smear Microscopy (First Print: March 2007) [28 MB]
TB Lab Manual (Second Edition 2014) [10.5 MB]
TB Laboratory Training Module (Third Edition 2014) [20.5 MB]
District Lab Performance TB 04 [11 KB]
Monthly Report TB 04 Diagnostic Centres [10 KB]
QARBR-01 - Slide collection sheet [14 KB]
QARBR-02 - Assesment Sheet [68 KB]
QARBR-03 - Lab Feedback Form [154 KB]
QARBR-04 -District Consolidtated Report [12 KB]
QARBR-05 - Province Consolidted Report [13 KB]
District Lab Performance TB 04 [11 KB]
Monthly Report TB 04 Diagnostic Centres [10 KB]
Process of Preparation of Smear for Examination [658 KB]
Recording and Reporting of Results [711 KB]

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